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Total Items: 5

Total Time: 12 hour(s)

This series provides an introduction to MVS and JES. It covers basic hardware components, MVS functional areas, and the JES2 and JES3 Job Entry Subsystems. It also describes the many IBM tools and facilities available to use with the MVS operating system, including System Managed Storage. MVS utilities are covered in detail. Also covered are basic operations, including using consoles to issue commands, system messages, console display, and job failures and ABENDS. Advanced operations examined include the START and MODIFY commands, job and task management, troubleshooting device management problems, and making PF key assignments.


Fundamentals of MVS and JES  3 hour(s)
Enhancing Performance  2 hour(s)
Utilities  3 hour(s)
Basic Operations  2 hour(s)
Advanced Operations  2 hour(s)

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