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Office 2000

Price: £19.95

Total Items: 8

Total Time: 27 hour(s)

This series introduces users to the Microsoft Office 2000 environment, including several Office applications. It covers basic tasks common across Office applications, such as navigation, starting and exiting programs, and working with files, and covers text editing and printing functions. An in-depth exploration of document formatting is also provided. This series also provides an introduction to Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheet), Outlook (electronic mail), PowerPoint (presentation), and Access (database), covering the basic functions of each application.


Getting Started  4 hour(s)
Editing Text and Printing  4 hour(s)
Text and Document Formats  3 hour(s)
Introduction to Word  3 hour(s)
Introduction to Excel  4 hour(s)
Introduction to Outlook  3 hour(s)
Introduction to PowerPoint  3 hour(s)
Introduction to Access  3 hour(s)

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