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PCs For Dummies

Price: £19.95

Total Items: 10

Total Time: 35 hour(s)

Whether you are someone just learning about personal computers or want to brush up on the basics, our series of PC courses is for you. Learn everything from defining an operating system to identifying both internal and external components of a PC. Study how to identify and use PC peripherals such as modems, speakers, scanners, and digital cameras. Sound fun? You'll also learn about types of software and how to install it; find out what all the fuss is about the Internet and e-mail, and even gain some troubleshooting tips. Log into one of our PC courses today!


Introducing the PC  4 hour(s)
Using Your PC  4 hour(s)
Working with Folders and Files  4 hour(s)
Inside Your PC  4 hour(s)
Basic Peripherals  4 hour(s)
Other Peripherals  3 hour(s)
Understanding Software  2 hour(s)
Introducing the Internet  3 hour(s)
Internet and E-mail Tips  4 hour(s)
Troubleshooting and Tips  3 hour(s)

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