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Price: £39.95

Total Items: 6

Total Time: 19 hour(s)

This series is designed to introduce users to the functions of Photoshop. An overview of managing graphics files is provided, including navigating the Photoshop interface, opening, closing, and saving files, and changing image resolution and size. An explanation of different graphics formats is provided. Other topics covered in this series include the color, paint, pen, and brush tools, selecting, cropping, and retouching images, and using text, files, and actions. Advanced features covered include creating and manipulating layers, using plug-ins, and the Transform command. Image manipulation techniques are also discussed, including lighting, sharpening, blurring, and adjusting focus.


Managing Graphics Files  3 hour(s)
Colors, Brushes, and Printing  4 hour(s)
Selecting and Retouching  2 hour(s)
Text, Fills, and Actions  4 hour(s)
Using Layers and Plug-Ins  4 hour(s)
Manipulating Images  2 hour(s)

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