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RPG IV Programming

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 13

Total Time: 38 hour(s)

This series introduces the users to RPG IV, the popular AS/400 and iSeries programming language. The users will learn about the history of the language, RPG IV specifications, file access and manipulation. After completing the courses in this series, the users will be able to write RPG IV programs using structured design and modular programming concepts.


Introduction to RPG  3 hour(s)
Getting Started with RPG  3 hour(s)
Defining Data  2 hour(s)
Arithmetic Operations  3 hour(s)
Flow of Control  3 hour(s)
Externally Described Files  3 hour(s)
File Access and Record Manipulation  3 hour(s)
Interactive Applications  4 hour(s)
Tables and Arrays  3 hour(s)
Modular Programming  3 hour(s)
Advanced Data Definition  4 hour(s)
Advanced Techniques  2 hour(s)
Maintaining the Past  2 hour(s)

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