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This series introduces TCP/IP concepts and is designed to help users prepare for the MCSE Exam 70-59. An overview of using TCP/IP with several different operating systems is provided, including a discussion of the OSI reference model, networking, and TCP/IP models. A detailed explanation of the TCP/IP Application layer and how data is processed is also provided, including discussion of data delivery and routing. The installation, configuration, and management of Microsoft TCP/IP, IIS, and other network services is explored, along with printing services and DHCP. NetBIOS name resolution methods are examined, as well as the DNS Server. Advanced topics covered in this series include managing DNS and TCP/IP, file transfer, interactive and printing utilities, Network Monitor, SNMP, Performance Monitor, RAS hardware, PPTP, and various troubleshooting strategies.

MCSE Exam 70-059

PPTP and Troubleshooting  4 hour(s)
Introduction to TCP/IP Concepts  3 hour(s)
Data Delivery and Routing  3 hour(s)
Microsoft TCP/IP and IIS  3 hour(s)
Printing Services and DHCP  4 hour(s)
Name Resolution and WINS  6 hour(s)
Introduction to DNS Server  4 hour(s)
Managing DNS and TCP/IP  5 hour(s)
Utilities for Monitoring TCP/IP  4 hour(s)
Performance Monitor and RAS  4 hour(s)

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