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Visio 2002

Price: £19.95

Total Items: 10

Total Time: 36 hour(s)

This series introduces users to Microsoft Visio 2002, a powerful diagramming and drawing application that can be used to create business and technical diagrams. Learners will study the basics of the Visio 2002 interface and tools, explore the templates, stencils, and pre-defined shapes provided with Visio, and construct simple Visio diagrams.


Using Tools, Commands, Custom Toolbars and Menus  4 hour(s)
Working with Objects and Hyperlinks  4 hour(s)
Using the Shape Menu  4 hour(s)
Working with Shapes  3 hour(s)
Defining and Using Styles, Custom Properties and Templates  4 hour(s)
Working with Pages, Layers, and Stencils  4 hour(s)
Working with Data  2 hour(s)
Understanding ShapeSheets  3 hour(s)
Working with Flow Charts  4 hour(s)
Creating Database Models  4 hour(s)

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