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Visual InterDev 6

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 9

Total Time: 30 hour(s)

This series is designed to introduce users to the Visual InterDev web-based application development environment. The basics of Visual InterDev are discussed, including views and controls, database interaction, and client and server directory structures. Implementation of HTML elements is discussed in detail, including using dynamic HTML and scripting to add interactive content. This series also covers how to use Java, ActiveX, and database connections within a Web site, using Query Designer to retrieve and update data, and using active server objects, design-time controls, scriptlets, and the document object model. The series provides information on testing a debugging a Visual InterDev program, site management strategies, and effective site layout and design.


Learning the Basics  3 hour(s)
Using HTML  4 hour(s)
Dynamic Content  4 hour(s)
Objects and Databases  3 hour(s)
Database Interaction  3 hour(s)
Active Server Pages  4 hour(s)
Controls and Scripts  4 hour(s)
Testing and Debugging  2 hour(s)
Management and Design  3 hour(s)

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