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Web Design & Graphics

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 5

Total Time: 16 hour(s)

This series presents concepts for designing and building Web sites. It covers how to plan the structure of a Web site, maintaining the Web site files, and considering the affect that various browsers, monitors, and systems can have on the display of a site. Strategies for making a site download quickly and display well across all browsers and systems are presented, along with creating color schemes, backgrounds, GIF transparencies, and image maps. Additional topics covered in this series include the use of HTML and graphics for formatting and layout, and other useful tools such as frames, animated GIFs, dynamic HTML, JavaScript, QuickTime, Flash, and Shockwave.


Introduction to Design  3 hour(s)
Making Your Site Fast and Viewable  4 hour(s)
Building Your Site with Images  3 hour(s)
Building Your Site with Formatting  3 hour(s)
Using Other Tools  3 hour(s)

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