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DB2 Universal Database

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 9

Total Time: 32 hour(s)

This series provides a practical approach to learning how to use DB2 Universal Database and helps prepare learners for the DB2 Certification Exam (Exam 700). Learners will explore how to use various applications to access DB2 data and how to use tools to administer the database.

DB2 Certification Exam 700

Features of DB2  3 hour(s)
Installing and Configuring DB2  2 hour(s)
DB2 Instances, Server Communications, and Clients  5 hour(s)
Data Security and Database Creation  3 hour(s)
Creating Table Spaces and Accessing Data  4 hour(s)
SQL and Design Considerations  4 hour(s)
System Tools and Recovery Concepts  3 hour(s)
Moving and Replicating Data  3 hour(s)
Monitoring DB2 Performance  5 hour(s)

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