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Rational Unified Process

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 7

Total Time: 18 hour(s)

The Rational Unified Process series is designed to provide learners with an introduction to the RUP software engineering process and framework. The series explains the software development principles behind the RUP and shows learners how to apply the RUP in their own organizations.


Understanding the RUP  3 hour(s)
Inception and Elaboration Phases  2 hour(s)
Construction and Transition Phases  2 hour(s)
Adopting the RUP  2 hour(s)
Planning an Iterative Project  3 hour(s)
RUP for Project Managers, Analysts, and Architects  3 hour(s)
RUP for Developers and Testers  3 hour(s)

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