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CIW Security 1D0-470

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 10

Total Time: 39 hour(s)

This series is designed to prepare the student to pass the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Security 1D0-470 exam. It helps the student achieve proficiency in identifying security threats, developing countermeasures, and using firewall systems and attack recognition technologies. It covers the fundamental concepts and principles of network security, and it describes the most common types of attacks that can occur. It covers basic networking models, such as TCP/IP and the OSI reference model, and it explains the security vulnerabilities of protocols used at each layer in the model. It also covers the basic tools and procedures used to protect a network, including firewalls, encryption, auditing, and log analysis.

The test that this series prepares students to take is a part of earning the Certified Internet Webmaster Security Professional certification.

Security Fundamentals  4 hour(s)
Attack Types and Encryption  4 hour(s)
Protocol Layers and Security  3 hour(s)
Firewalls  4 hour(s)
Operating System Security  5 hour(s)
Assessing and Reducing Risk  4 hour(s)
Security Auditing  3 hour(s)
Auditing and the Control Phase  5 hour(s)
Attack Detection and Response  3 hour(s)
Auditing and Log Analysis  4 hour(s)

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