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Management (Videos)

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 21

Total Time: 275 minutes

Never before has your contribution as a manager been more important to your organization. This means you are going to have to lead as well as to manage. You need to hire, develop, motivate and retain the right talent. If you're an experienced manager on the move or a new manager, you need answers and solutions, and you need them now. That's what our management programs are all about.


Attracting Key Talent (Interview)  6 minutes
Bringing The Workplace to Life (Interview)  3 minutes
Delegation Strategies  13 minutes
Fire Up and Motivate Your Employees  21 minutes
Handling Performance Problems  19 minutes
Interviewing for Organizational Fit  16 minutes
Interviewing for Success  21 minutes
Knowledge Management (Interview)  4 minutes
Making 360 Degree Feedback Work  14 minutes
Managing Performance  17 minutes
Managing Telecommuters  21 minutes
Motivate to Retain (Interview)  21 minutes
Recruiting Top Talent  20 minutes
Retaining Top Talent  21 minutes
Retention for the Long Haul (Interview)  6 minutes
Succession Planning  19 minutes
The Costs of Attrition (Interview)  3 minutes
The Diversity Manager  21 minutes
Working Wounded: Becoming a New Manager  3 minutes
Working Wounded: Counseling an Employee  3 minutes
Working Wounded: The More You Give, The More You'll Get  3 minutes

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