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Self-Management (Videos)

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 15

Total Time: 212 minutes

Successful organizations are made up of individuals who are continually focused on developing the right skills for their job. Our self-management programs will help you develop the skills you need now and for your future.


Becoming More Assertive  23 minutes
Business Protocol  17 minutes
Creative Time Management for the New Millennium  19 minutes
Dealing with Non-Stop Change  20 minutes
Goal Setting and Action Planning  19 minutes
Leap of Faith  17 minutes
Self-Motivation Through Self-Talk  21 minutes
Self-Talk First Aid Kit  20 minutes
The Dynamics of Self-Talk (Interview)  13 minutes
The Influence Edge and Change  16 minutes
The Influence Edge Model  16 minutes
Working Wounded: Dealing with a Messy Desk  2 minutes
Working Wounded: Getting More Work Done  3 minutes
Working Wounded: Office Politics  3 minutes
Working Wounded: Performance Appraisals  3 minutes

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