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SQL Server 7 Admin

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 19

Total Time: 60 hour(s)

This series is designed to help users understand a comprehensive array of topics, including planning a security strategy, SQL Server 7.0 system requirements, planning for system migration and replication, and server installation. System configuration, management of security, accounts, permissions, and the database, and backup and restores are also covered. Additional topics covered include the management of a variety of tasks, including replication, server jobs, events, alerts, linked servers, and remote servers; monitoring events, system optimization, and tuning resource usage. Server repair and troubleshooting strategies are also discussed.


Managing Permissions  4 hour(s)
Database Management  3 hour(s)
Loading Databases  3 hour(s)
Backups and Restores  4 hour(s)
Managing Replication  3 hour(s)
Management Tasks  3 hour(s)
Monitoring Events  3 hour(s)
Watching & Optimizing  3 hour(s)
Server Repair  4 hour(s)
More Troubleshooting  4 hour(s)
Security Strategy  3 hour(s)
System Requirements  3 hour(s)
Migration Planning  3 hour(s)
Replication Plans  3 hour(s)
Installing the Server  4 hour(s)
Other Installations  2 hour(s)
Configuring  3 hour(s)
Security Management  3 hour(s)
Managing Accounts  2 hour(s)

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