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ColdFusion MX for Dummies

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 10

Total Time: 28 hour(s)

This series teaches users how to install and set up a ColdFusion development environment, including connecting to a database, and also teaches how to build ColdFusion applications that integrate such features as e-mail, FTP, Flash, Java, and XML.


Introduction and Installation  2 hour(s)
Talking with the Database  3 hour(s)
Displaying Data  3 hour(s)
Programming and Application Framework  3 hour(s)
Custom Tags and Building Blocks  3 hour(s)
Using E-Mail, Complex Data Types, and FTP  4 hour(s)
Securing, Debugging, and Improving Application Performance  3 hour(s)
Using Flash, Java, and XML  3 hour(s)
Integration and Understanding Fusebox and FLiP  2 hour(s)
Functions, Tags, and Resources  2 hour(s)

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