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Work and Life Balance (Videos)

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 13

Total Time: 166 minutes

In today's hectic world, balancing work and personal life continues to be a constant challenge. We all want balance and we want it now. Our work lifestyle programs will provide you with up-to-date information on how to deal with today's issues faced by today's workforce.


Child Care Selection  14 minutes
Elder Care Selection  22 minutes
Embracing New Technology  6 minutes
Exhausted Single Working Parent  22 minutes
Financial Planning for Elder Care  19 minutes
Laughing at Stress  22 minutes
Making a Case to Telecommute (Interview)  5 minutes
Overload in an Over-Wired World (Interview)  6 minutes
Telecommuting  21 minutes
The Moral Dilemma of Success  8 minutes
The Risks of Job Burnout  16 minutes
Working Wounded: Connecting With Your Kids When Traveling  2 minutes
Working Wounded: Information Overload  3 minutes

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