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SQL for the Mainframe Environment

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 10

Total Time: 21 hour(s)

SQL is the most widely-used database language. Acquiring a good working knowledge of SQL is an important skill for anyone who interacts with databases. Short, focused lessons start with simple data retrieval and progress to complex topics such as using joins, subqueries, stored procedures, and table constraints.


Introduction to Databases and SQL  2 hour(s)
Filtering Data  2 hour(s)
Calculations and Functions  2 hour(s)
Summarizing Data  1 hour(s)
Groups and Queries  2 hour(s)
Joins  3 hour(s)
Data and Tables  3 hour(s)
Views and Stored Procedures  2 hour(s)
Transaction Processing and Cursors  2 hour(s)
Advanced SQL Functions  2 hour(s)

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