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Estate Planning

Price: £19.95

Total Items: 9

Total Time: 25 hour(s)

This series helps users understand the various considerations in planning an estate. It provides an overview of the terms and resources needed to prepare an estate plan, and explains how to determine assets, will preparation strategies and considerations, trusts, and retirement issues. Also covered are tax strategies to implement in your estate planning. This series also offers guidance on revising an estate plan throughout life changes.


Starting an Estate Plan  2 hour(s)
Sorting Out Your Assets  4 hour(s)
Preparing Your Will  3 hour(s)
All about Probate  2 hour(s)
Considering Your Family  3 hour(s)
Taxes to Expect  3 hour(s)
Tax Strategies  3 hour(s)
Retirement Issues  3 hour(s)
Revising an Estate Plan  2 hour(s)

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