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Access 2002

Price: £19.95

Total Items: 8

Total Time: 22 hour(s)

This series shows how to create, plan, and modify databases and database objects in Access 2002. Courses cover the following topics: understanding relational databases, creating and planning databases, selecting and printing database objects, creating tables, entering records, modifying tables and field properties, using advanced sorts, finding records, applying and removing filters, establishing and managing table relationships, specifying query criteria, creating calculated fields, running multi-table queries, creating forms and reports, implementing standard and calculated controls in both forms and reports, importing data, saving Access objects as Web pages, and performing administrative tasks. This series is procedure focused and assumes that the student is familiar with the mechanics of getting around in a Microsoft Office application.


Creating Databases  3 hour(s)
Building Tables  2 hour(s)
Modifying Tables  3 hour(s)
Sorting and Filtering  3 hour(s)
Relationships & Queries  4 hour(s)
Building Forms  2 hour(s)
Producing Reports  3 hour(s)
Advanced Tasks  2 hour(s)

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