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Flash MX

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 5

Total Time: 18 hour(s)

This series provides a practical guide for using Macromedia Flash MX to create animations and interactive Web sites. The Flash MX series presents information for intermediate to advanced media designers and developers who want to learn the latest techniques for animating graphics and enhancing visual media with sound and music. Topics covered include: Drawing tools, design concepts, animation techniques, text and forms in animation, compound objects, scenes, timelines, layers, filters, and masks. One full course in this series is devoted to the incorporation of sound and music into Flash movies. Each topic covered includes tips and techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of Flash MX when viewed on the Web.


Flash Overview  5 hour(s)
Animation  4 hour(s)
Text and Forms  3 hour(s)
Coordinated Animations  3 hour(s)
Sound and Music  3 hour(s)

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