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Running an Online Business

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 13

Total Time: 55 hour(s)

This series examines topics related to creating an e-business. After providing an introduction to e-commerce, the series examines how to start an e-business, establishing a business presence, and creating critical applications. Also covered are the legal ramifications of e-commerce, transaction processing and data mining, managing costs, and the logistics of providing customer service and payment processing. Other topics covered include building a strategy to market and advertise your e-business, resource planning, and ongoing business management.


Your E-Business  4 hour(s)
Getting Started  3 hour(s)
Influences on E-Commerce  3 hour(s)
Killer Apps  4 hour(s)
Developing Your E-Business  5 hour(s)
Real-Time and Data Mining  4 hour(s)
Lowering Your Business Costs  5 hour(s)
Customer Service and Payment  4 hour(s)
Marketing Your E-Business  5 hour(s)
Advertising on the Internet  4 hour(s)
Building Marketing Strategy  5 hour(s)
Resource Planning  4 hour(s)
Managing Your E-Business  5 hour(s)

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