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Java 2 Enterprise Design

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 14

Total Time: 44 hour(s)

This series provides a comprehensive and practical guide for designing enterprise systems with the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). Enterprise systems encompass those distributed, scalable, multi-user, and business-critical systems that are related to enhancing the productivity of a corporate or organizational enterprise via information technology. High-level topics include enterprise software development and the J2EE model, data enabling and JDBC, enterprise communication and services, systems assurance, Web enabling, and application enabling. The target audience includes software developers, designers, and architects with a background in object-oriented programming and Java.


Enterprise Foundations  4 hour(s)
Modeling Components with JavaBeans  3 hour(s)
Enterprise Data and JDBC  4 hour(s)
Network and Web Communications  3 hour(s)
CORBA, RMI, and DCOM Communications  3 hour(s)
Naming, Directory, Trading, and Activation Services  4 hour(s)
Messaging and Transaction Services  4 hour(s)
Systems Assurance and Security  3 hour(s)
Java's Security Features  3 hour(s)
Enterprise Web Enabling  3 hour(s)
Java Servlets  3 hour(s)
JavaServer Pages  2 hour(s)
Enterprise Applications and Enterprise JavaBeans  2 hour(s)
Advanced Enterprise JavaBeans and Application Integration  3 hour(s)

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